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As the surge momentum of individual or retail investor who realize the potency of equity investment in particular, peculiarly during lockdown due to covid-19 pandemic in many part of the globe, need of a research and analysis of equity performance required. There are plenty of research provided by research firm or security covering sector, MacroEconomic, trough individual equity performance in a given time period, that can be utilized when making investment decision by individual or retail investor. However, available research and analysis often time have a limitation to particular market, with default or most common used financial metrics. …

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Indonesia a proven country with an abundant natural resource, span from fisheries, forestry, oil & gas through to it’s mining resources. One renowned natural resource that have strategic position use mainly to generate power (electricity), for both industry and public utility demand was coal. With an abundant reserve, Indonesia experiencing excess production that led to huge gap between it’s production and consumption. Nevertheless, Indonesian coal quality mostly categorized as a second class or sub-bituminous with contents below 6.100 cal/gram, therefore have a relative lower price within global market. …

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